The Ultimate Spring Bucket List - The Olden Chapters (2024)

It’sthat time of year again! The snow is melting, the trees are starting to get theirleaves again (at least, in my neck of the woods) and flowers are starting toslowly come alive again. As we transition from a cold winter to a sunny summer,this wonderful season in between has so much to offer us! And, this springbucket list will ensure that we enjoy every minute of it! Don’t worry, you don’thave to do everything on this list. Instead, use these ideas to create yourvery own, fun spring bucket list! Ready to get started? Let’s dive in.

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Why should you make a Spring BucketList?

Real quick! Before we immediately get started, I would like to explain why creating a spring bucket list is so important! First, it ensures you don’t miss a thing throughout the season, such as fun holidays and outdoor adventures. Next, it helps you slow down and enjoy the spring season. By ticking off some fun activities, you’ll be sure to have a good time in between your busy life schedule. Finally, it is a great way to create new and celebrate old traditions with your loved ones, and spend time with those that matter most to you.

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The Ultimate Spring Bucket List

Alright, now that I (hopefully) have you convinced, let’sdive right in, shall we? May I present, the ultimate spring bucket list…

Havea Picnic at the Park

Spendan afternoon at a nearby park with a friend or two. Simply just pack up a funlunch and head out! Easy as that. These can be so much fun!

Visitthe Farmers Market

Usually,after winter, the farmers markets begin to start back up. They can be so muchfun! Pick up some cheap, local produce and a nice bouquet of flowers to freshenup your space.

Seethe Cherry Blossoms

Spring is the only time you’ll be able to see some great blossoming trees. I have it in my bucket list to see the cherry blossoms in Washington DC sometime! Check out your local botanical gardens or parks to see if you can spot any cherry or similar blossoming trees.

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Feedthe Local Birds at a Park

Ifyou’re allowed (there are usually good reasons if it is prohibited…) grab somebird seed and spend some relaxing time feeding local birds at a nearby park.

DrinkHot Tea on a Cool Morning

Next, spring morning can be a bit chilly. Warm up with a fresh, hot cup of tea. My absolute favorites right now are the Celestial Seasonings fruit teas!


Evenif you’re not incredibly talented, golfing can be so much fun! Especially witha group of friends. Check out your nearest golf course and see if you cansqueeze in a round or two!

Goon a Waterfall Hike

Spring is the peak season to check out local waterfalls. As the snow melts and rains begin, water is at its peak and so waterfalls are plentiful! Go check out your favorite waterfall, or one you’ve never seen before! Need some help in finding one? Check out

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Growa New Plant from Seed

Bringhome one of your favorite fruit and plant the seed from it! Citrus trees makegreat house plants, so do peaches, figs, and avocado plants. Be sure to look upinstructions for whichever plants you choose. It isn’t difficult but takes afew steps to be successful.

Attenda Free Community Event

Checkout your local city or county website to see if there are any fun freecommunity events nearby. In Denver, for example, we have certain daysthroughout the year we get free admission to the zoo, science museum, botanicalgardens, art museum and more.

Visita Flower Field

Localflower farms often host special events during their peak blossoming times inthe spring. Our favorite festivals to visit are tulip farms, but there areoften a ton to choose from!

Visita Fun Museum

Check out your local museum for a fun, educational adventure. Before you go, be sure to check out their calendar. Usually, museums will host specific events or host temporary exhibits. Be sure to not miss out on the cool ones!

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Goon an Evening Bicycle Ride

Grabyour bike, pump those tires back up, and head to a nearby bike path for a funevening on two wheels.

Flya Kite

Next, grab a fun kite (this one is soooo cool!) and head to the park for a fun afternoon. This is so relaxing and super unique to do!

VisitYour Community Gardens

Next,community gardens are a great place to explore in the spring, especially justafter everything begins to bloom!

Goto a Petting Zoo

Needto relieve some stress? Petting zoos are a great way to get your mind off ofthings and spend some time with cute and cuddly animals.

CelebrateEarth Day

CelebrateEarth Day by planting a tree or volunteering at a community clean-up event. Welove attending the local river cleanup event. It combines giving back to ourcommunity with river rafting, so fun!

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Visita Local Art Festival

ArtFestivals or local Art Walks are a great place to eat some great food and seesome incredible pieces of art you wouldn’t otherwise get to experience.

Hosta Fun Scavenger Hunt

Next,get together with some friends and create a fun scavenger hunt for the day.This is a great way to have an adventure-filled game day. As a bonus, you canall pitch in a few bucks as a reward for the winner at the end!

BuyYourself a Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

Fillyour home with fresh flowers from your local farmers market or florist. This isa great way to decorate your space and freshen things up!

Visita Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot air balloon festivals are so much fun! You can check out one nearest to you or travel to see one of the larger ones around the world! (We have the Albuquerque one on our bucket list!)

Goto an Escape Room with Friends

Escaperooms are SO. MUCH. FUN! Be sure to fill up the reservation with all of yourfriends, it is much more fun that way.

GoShopping at a Flea Market

Nexton the ultimate spring bucket list is the flea market! You can absolutely findsome fun treasures here!

Goto an Opening Baseball Game

Thereis nothing that says springtime quite like attending a baseball game, am Iright? (Well, at least if you live in the states…)

Visita National Park

National parks are so much fun to visit. They are informational, packed with great hikes, and perfect for an afternoon adventure.

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Ifyou haven’t tried geocaching yet, get on board. It is like a fun scavenger hunt!Check out more here.

Hosta Yard Sale

Cleanout your home and earn a little extra cash by hosting a yard sale. Or, betteryet, combine forces with some friends and family and host a giant one!

Watcha Fun Springtime Film

Immerse yourself in the spring season by watching a fun springtime film! Be sure to check out my Ultimate Spring Movie Bucket List. To get started, some of my favorites include:

Many of these movies and so many others are available free with your Prime Membership!

DecorateYour Home for Spring

Next, enjoy the spring season by decorating your home for spring. Some of my favorite spring home additions include: decorative mason jars, relaxing indoor fountains, fun throw pillows, and cute little signs.

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Hanga Spring Themed Wreath

Speaking of decorations, DIY your own spring-themed wreath, or purchase a cool new one to hang up in your home! (This one is GORGEOUS!)

Createa New Spring Playlist

Oneof my personal favorite things to do each season is to create a fresh, newplaylist. I personally love using Amazon Music to do this, they make it soeasy! Pack yours filled with some great new top hits or a new relaxing musicmix.

Reada Springtime Book

A new season is a great time to start a new book! Try a refreshing and informative non-fiction (like one of my top life changing books here), or a fun, springtime romantic book!

If you are in need of some book-inspo, check out my latest book lists here!

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SpringClean Your Home

Next, spring is the perfect time to clean your home, and therefore is a must on your spring bucket list! To help you out, I’ve created a Complete Guide to Creating a Simple Cleaning Routine. This guide will walk you through the entire process of creating a curated cleaning routine for your space that is not only perfect for spring cleaning but can be used all year round!

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Hanga Bird Feeder

Asthe snow melts, the birds begin to come out. Encourage them to come nearby witha simple bird feeder. You can even create a fun DIY bird feeder too!

CelebrateApril Fool’s Day

AprilFool’s day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate! Plan out some fun pranksto pull on your favorite people. What could go wrong?

Createa Recycling or Compost Bin

Helpkeep your space clean and help out the environment by creating a new recyclingor compost bin for your home. They are easy to put together and you often willget a discount off your garbage bill for doing so. Win-win-win!

ChangeDesktop and Phone Backgrounds for Spring

Another great, simple seasonal task is to switch out your backgrounds! Find some fun, floral images or perhaps hot-air-balloon filled travel photos and add them to your desktop and phone background for a switch-up.

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ShopAfter-Winter Sales

As the new season starts up, new sales begin to flood the stores. Check out your local after-winter sale to stock up on warm clothing for next year. Who knows, you might score some great finds! To get started, check out some awesome Amazon sales here!

Speaking of winter, wondering about my winter bucket list? Check it out HERE!

TryOutdoor Yoga

Spend a morning relaxing on a yoga mat (I’m currently loving this one) outside and getting a good stretch in.


Ifyou celebrate Easter, be sure to get together with friends and family to celebratethis fun holiday!

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Speaking of Easter, spend an afternoon dying eggs! Our family dyes hollow eggs and creates holiday ornaments to use at the end of the year. The other side of my family dyes hard-boiled eggs and hides a raw one in the bunch! This dye kit looks like so much fun!

Hostor Attend an Easter Egg Hunt

Finally,a fun Easter egg hunt is such a fun way to get outside with friends! Ourtradition is so much fun, you might want to try it out! Everyone who comes tothe hunt brings 5 eggs each, filled with fun gifts. Some of the items I’vefound before include sport tickets, money, gift cards, and candy. We always makea reasonable spending limit but are often really creative!

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Runa 5K for a Good Cause

Getback into the swing of working out by running a good ole’ fashion 5K! As abonus, you could be helping to raise money for a great cause.

Finda Rainbow

Asspring comes, so do the rains and so do the rainbows!

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Swingat a Nearby Playground

Weall really are just children at heart, right? Go to the park and hop on a swingset for a while.

Planta Butterfly Garden

Spring is here, and so are the butterflies! Start attracting them by planting a wonderful butterfly garden.

Hostor Attend a Garden Tea Party

Gatherup your friends and enjoy the outdoors with a fun garden tea party.

EatBrunch with Friends

Anothergreat activity with friends is hosting or attending a fun-filled brunch withfriends.

Bakean Apricot Treat

Next,try a new baked-good recipe featuring apricot, a great spring season fruit!

MakeHomemade Ice Cream

Next, try making a homemade ice cream recipe. This ice cream maker is perfect for a fun, ice cream party!

Tryout a New Fresh Vegetable Recipe

Finally, fill a dinner full of fresh vegetables one night from your garden or the farmers market.

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Well, there you have it! My ultimate spring bucket list. I am going to try to get everything on it done this spring, are you? Have fun!

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The Ultimate Spring Bucket List - The Olden Chapters (12)
The Ultimate Spring Bucket List - The Olden Chapters (2024)


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